The sofa and the doorway


Some times, people just don’t get it, as the previous story shows. This one is from the same TV production company, when my brother came to my work to pick me up.

I was sitting in a sofa in an editing suite, casually chatting to my boss and another guy. Søren, my boss, was talking to me as Torben arrived, so Torben simply stood in the doorway, giving me a quick wave.

Eventually Søren noticed Torben in the doorway and continued his conversation with him, oblivious of his mid-sentence switch. Some seconds passed, and he turned back to me, still talking.

After switching back and forth way too many times (was he even thinking?) Søren suddenly stopped mid-sentence while his eyes jumped from me to Torben and back again several times.

We burst out laughing and I introduced Torben to Søren. From this point on it took us about a minute to make him understand that we were two persons. For the rest of the month, every time he saw me he either turned and walked away or came to ask me if I was really me.