The Speeding Ticket

Our first speeding ticket. There are places in Copenhagen where an automatic camera records cars going too fast, and we fell victim to one of these cameras, driving but 3 km/h too fast.

Drivers can’t detect this, but two weeks later we got a letter from the police office with a sharp black and white photograph of our car, which one of us was driving. The co-pilot side was masked off by a black area (apparently a privacy measure). The letter told us to fill out the enclosed form and pay up. There was a warning that it is illegal to submit false information to the police and that doing so could be punished with up to six years in prison.

Now, the problem is that we couldn’t tell which one of us was the driver. On the photo it could have been any one of us, we really couldn’t tell, and neither could anyone in our family. And unfortunately, both of us had driven the car in that area of Copenhagen that day, and we each didn’t remember exactly when, so it really could have been any one of us.

Not wanting to submit false information, I called the police office to find out what they usually did regarding twins. After being put on hold for a while they were unable to give me any reply; they don’t know how to handle twins except to say that the ticket needs to be paid.

(Murder stories galore!)