The wedding mixup


Jan got married in 2002 and obviously I was there as well. As the guests started to arrive, a lot of them saw me first in the crowd, noticed my lapel flowers, and immediately congratulated me. Grinning, I had to explain that they’d got the wrong twin.

I should have expected this would happen. But even if I had, I could not have expected that so many of the guests would confuse us. But okay, I guess we’re still pretty much identical.

Then in 2006, I got married too, and guess what? Yes, the same story repeated. Many of my guests know that I’m a twin but they’ve never met my brother so they weren’t thinking of the possibility that they’d run into Jan. Without exception, they assumed it was me, and Jan had the confused pleasure of being profusely congratulated by complete strangers. Sorry, bro! :-)